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Hey, I'm Danika, and I'm the person who selects the music and posts the videos on this channel. NightcoreReality is where I post high quality nightcore.
NIGHTCORE: a style of music that increases tempo, pitch, and enhanced bass of a track for a more upbeat sound.
These edits are for recreational purposes only. If you are an artist and don't want your music on my channel, please contact me via my channel email (address below) and I will remove your content.
Check my online store
If you are looking to use my edits in your videos please keep in mind I do not own copyright to the music on my channel (except for those songs where the artist is identified as "Nightcore Reality.') My Nightcore Reality covers, including those with me on vocals, appear on all digital distribution platforms including Spotify -
Thank you for your support ♥
For inquiries, contact:
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Zen - Kun

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❤ Welcome Master! Sinon at your service! Do you want a cup of tea with your nightcore? :3
❤ My channel focus on emotional songs - Check out my playlists to get a clear picture of what I mean \(^ω^\)
❤ Want a chance to requests songs or make new friends who also likes nightcore? Join my discord:
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Amazing Nightcore

Amazing Nightcore is a music promotion channel
Looking for promotion / song submission?
We upload daily nightcore videos featuring lyrics
Searching for a network?
For business enquiries:
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Cherry 葵

Hi Everyone! I am Cheryl/Cherry ^-^ Welcome to my Nightcore channel! ;3 I will be posting different genres of Nightcores/Nightsteps/EDMs etc. In my channel you will get to listen to a wide variety of good songs from different bands & artists! SUBscribe for more ^-^
Business Email:
Submit your music to my business email
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Suuup~! I'm Marimo and I upload daily nightcore featuring all kind of genres and artists.♥
Looking for a release on Marimo?
Marimo is a YouTube channel over 550k with the purpose of promoting the best of tracks.
Accepts all genre! Don't hesitate to send an email ღ
• Learn more:
• Contact me at
♥ Please Check out my discord
OC pending
If you are an artist who doesn't want your music or art work on my channel, please contact me via my channel email ( and I will remove your content ASAP.
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Hi, I'm Foxy and welcome to my channel ♥
My goals:
• The best known channel on Youtube !
- be unique -
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Hey im Joel, Manager of TheLounge (TheLoungeMusicNetwork)
Here you can find all our channels!
TheLoungeMusicNetwork (Channels)
Here you can submit your music if you are a artist that would like to see your music on our channel/s.
(Music Submission links)
NightcoreLounge Artist profile:
Playlist with all songs:
NightcoreLounge is a promotion channel, NightcoreLounge promotes music using nightcore.
♛ Hope you enjoy the nightcore uploads and be sure to Subscribe to stay up to date with my latest daily Nightcore uploads!: ♛
🔔 Dont forget to turn that notification bell on! 🔔
If you are a record label and or artist and want your song taken down from my channel please contact me immediately and it will be taken care of within 24 hours.
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♥ Hello, i'm Luna! And welcome to my second channel ♥
This channel is completely dedicated towards switching vocals, and of course is a back up channel for my main Marimo.
-Collabs are closed-
♦ For claimer : If you are an artist who doesn't want your music on my channel, please contact me via my channel email ( and I will remove your content. But if you are an artist that wants a promotion, just email me your song and i can do it ! ♥
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Chino is a Nightcore music promotion channel.
We love to share and promote music, if you are an artist or a label, feel free to submit songs to All promotions are free!
If you don't want to write an e-mail, you can also submit via: